Supaflex Flexible Duct

Product Description


Stainless Steel Bellows & Expansion Joints

Stainless steel bellows expansion joints have been used over many years in the HEVAC, Process Engineering, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Food Process Industries etc. We have one golden rule ONLY INSTALL A STAINLESS BELLOWS EXPANSION JOINT WHEN THE CONFIGURATION OF PIPE AND SUPPORTS WILL NOT PERMIT THE MOVEMENT WITHOUT OVERSTRESSING THE PIPE. Sadly there are some who do not follow this rule. Sometimes with slight pipe layout modification you can eliminate the necessity to use a stainless steel bellow altogether. This is the correct solution.


Stainless steel bellows expansion joints when correctly installed, with the correct guides and anchors can have a very substantial life cycle. Badly installed stainless steel bellows will fail quite quickly. There are some good examples of well installed stainless steel bellows expansion bellows in the Case Studies shown on this website. We have often advised on their location and supplied and vetted the guiding anchoring system. We can show you some horror stories “off the record”.





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