Loyal Podium Steps (Anti-Surf)

Product Type: Anti-surf

Width: 600mm and Length: 1550mm

Max Platform Height: 1.5m

Max Tower Height: 2.5m

Max Working Height: 3.5m

SWL per Platform: 275kg

SWL per Tower: 950kg

Max. Product Weight: 35.6kg

SWL per Platform: 150kg

Aluminium Material: A6106 T6

Product Description

The Loyal Podium Steps (Anti-surf) are made to the highest standards. They are fitted with the latest BSI approved PAS250 Standard, spread castors system, therefore, safer to use for low level work.

Clever design, with extensive use of quick locking devices, allows for easy and speedy assembly as well as dismantling. They are foldable for easy move around as well as be stored away in corridor, doorways, roof racks for easy reuse the next day. It can be dismantled for easy transport and storage. Furthermore, they are made of Aluminium which is lightweight yet very strong and can be handled by a single person without the use of lifting device.


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