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ECHY – Optical Fiber System

A block of lenses on the rooftop

The unit is made up of 18 Fresnel lenses, which absorb sun rays into 18 fibre optics. The unit is fitted onto a solar tracker on the rooftop which tracks the sun at 180 degrees and which therefore captures sun rays during the day.

Fiber Optics

The fiber optics transport sunlight while retaining its full light spectrum. Sunlight can be transported both vertically and horizontally. The fiber optics can also be curved and bent without affecting the distribution of sunlight.


A bi-source hybrid light with both natural light and LED lighting

Natural light and sustainable development

ECOLE DES PONTS PARISTECH – Engineering School in CHAMPS-SUR-MARNE (77) has installed the lighting system ECHYSSE in a copy room of 20m², in the basement of the building.

Product Description

ECHY captures sunlight outside the building, bringing it inside through optical fibers. Clean, natural, and free of unwanted heat and ultra-violet rays, Echy has all the benefits of sunlight without its disadvantages. For more information, please visit: http://www.sunpipe.com.hk/


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