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Loyal Super DIY

Width: 600mm and Length: 1550mm

Max Platform Height: 5.0m

Max Tower Height: 6.0m

Max Working Height: 7.0m

Height Adjustment: 0.25m

SWL per Platform: 150kg

Product Weight: 33.2 – 61.0kg

Aluminium Material: A6106 T6

Product Description

Our Super DIY Scaffold Towers are designed with safety and durability in mind. We use proven components found in Trade and Industrial Towers featuring Quick-locking and sturdy Braces, Advanced Guard Rails etc.

Our towers are the lightest, sturdiest and most secure DIY towers on the market. The platforms and braces are tested and complies with BS EN1004 Class 3 and BS1139 Standards by TUV.

There are various versions of Super DIY towers:

  • Super DIY Advanced: with 4 base plates and outriggers to handle uneven ground, stairs, etc
  • Super DIY with Fixed Wheels give extra mobility
  • Super DIY with Height Adjustable Wheels give extra mobility and handle uneven ground, stairs, etc.


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